JBER Public Affairs

Mission Statement
To build and maintain public support for Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) through effective communication and community involvement.

The JBER Public Affairs Office advises the wing commander on unit and public issues, and develops communication strategies to accomplish the mission. It provides base leadership with two-way communication tools to build, maintain and strengthen morale and readiness. Through interaction with the base's internal and external audiences, public affairs builds public trust and support through open and honest dialogue, and highlights the military as a community partner and responsible steward of resources.

Comm (907) 552-8151
DSN 317-552-8151
Email: jber.pa.3@us.af.mil

Command Information
Community Engagement
The purpose of community engagement is to run active community relations programs to enhance morale, public trust, and support and to demonstrate that the JBER is a community partner and a responsible steward of National resources.

For more information about how to request a color guard, aircraft flyover, band performance, or how to visit JBER, please visit Community Engagement. 
Media Relations
Media Relations: Ensures a free flow of information through the news media to the general public. Achieves informed public support for the Air Force and joint operations. Responds to inquiries by the news media. Brings Air Force issues to the public. Media operations are essential for achieving the Public Affairs core competencies of Airman morale and readiness, public trust and support, and global influence and deterrence.