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Elmendorf PME Center logo Vision Embody a PME Center that prepares enlisted professionals to inspire a culture where all members are empowered to swiftly adapt and remove barriers, securing the advantage of tomorrow's fight.

Mission Educate and develop enlisted leaders with enhanced universal supervisory and leadership skills to help all Airmen and Guardians reach their full potential.

Motto In to learn, out to serve.


PME Center CommandantChief Master Sgt. Gareth Davis' bio photo

Chief Master Sgt. Gareth J. Davis




Thomas N. Barnes Center for Enlisted Education 

Community College of the Air Force

PME Center points of contact
- ALS Scheduling and Attendance:
DSN 317-552-1916

- NCOA Scheduling:
Contact your respective FSS Formal Training Office and/or Unit Training Monitor

- Questions about NCOA
Vice Commandant
DSN 317-552-1450

- ALS & NCOA Graduation Ceremonies:
Elmendorf PME Center Resources Office
DSN 317-552-3150

- Professional Enhancement Seminars (NCOPE, SNCOPE) Scheduling and Attendance:
JBER Career Assistance Advisor
DSN 317-552-STAY (7829)

- First Term Airman Center Scheduling and Attendance:
DSN 317-552-1366

Before You Attend...A Roadmap to Success
Ensure you are physically prepared to attend and participate in our Human Performance physical fitness program. All students, in order to meet cognitive objectives integrated throughout the course, must be prepared to participate in the Human Performance program. The overarching purpose of this program is to further expand on lesson principles, while challenging students to reach increased levels of resiliency. Although the resounding majority of graduating students report a noticeable improvement on their Fitness Assessment, it is not a program vectored at improving scores; that is still your responsibility.
Ensure you communicate with your family and friends. EPME is very taxing on one's personal time, and the academic rigors built into the course go far beyond the average duty day. You will be expected to prepare briefings, write papers, perform research, and complete nightly reading assignments on your time, after duty hours. Having your family and friends understand your obligations over the next several weeks will pay dividends.
Ensure you have all uniform items required and that all uniform items are clean, serviceable, and fit you appropriately prior to attending.

Safety Procedures
Authorized protective masks must be worn as soon as you leave your vehicle and in the building. Classroom safety protocols will be briefed on DoE 2 by your instructor.

Reporting Instructions
For safety purposes, student arrivals will be staggered according to flight room assignments. Your specific flight and arrival time will be assigned in your ‘Welcome to NCOA’ email. You may only enter the building at your designated timeframe. If you arrive early, please wait in your vehicle until your designated entry time. Once you enter the building, a staff member will direct you to your flight room. 

Our address is 6167 Doolittle Ave, JBER, AK 99506.
The uniform for DoE 1 will be Service Dress. 

Supply Requirements
All NCOA material is electronic, so we aren't able to issue paper copies. Bring your own electronic device or work with your unit to borrow one (e.g., laptop, tablet). Devices should be enabled to use public Wi-Fi and Adobe Reader capabilities. For more information on Adobe Reader go to:

You will need to come prepared to class with a laptop, Microsoft Teams account, notebook, pen/pencil, and a pair of headphones.
Each student is required to have a Teams account setup prior to DoE 1, please see your ‘Welcome to NCOA’ email. You will also need to follow these steps prior to class in order to gain access to our Learning Management System, Canvas:

  1. Log into the AF Portal

  2. Search for AU Portal and enter

  3. On the left hand side click “My Info”

  4. Click “Canvas Info”

  5. Insert any information the system asks, and be sure to use your AF email when prompted

  6. Once completed, there should be a small, red message at the top of the page that says that your Canvas account was successfully created.

Student parking is available directly in front of the building The parking lot on the northwest side of the PME Center is available for overflow parking, with another gravel parking lot bordering Paxton Park to the southeast side of the PME Center. Parking across the street at Vehicle Operations is not permitted. Do not park in any areas otherwise reserved for PME personnel or distinguished visitors.

Rooms for all classes are reserved with lodging prior to the fiscal year and will have a group confirmation number. All TDY students may contact the Vice Commandant at (907) 552-1450 to get the confirmation number, and do not need to schedule any reservations at billeting. You will have a lodging reservation on base unless told otherwise by the director or other school representative.

Actual room assignments are given closer to the class start date. If you call lodging to confirm your reservation, you may find they do not have you in their system yet. That is because they have not received the final list of students who will be attending from the schoolhouse. Do not make your own reservations unless told to do so by the schoolhouse.

Dress and Appearance Requirements
Service Dress: is required and worn periodically throughout the course.
OCPs/Flight Suits: worn Monday through Friday unless class schedule dictates otherwise.
PT Gear: The Human Performance lesson is part of the curriculum and scheduled throughout the course. Any combination of PT gear may be worn.
Cold Weather Gear: Be prepared for winter weather; have fleece, gloves, hat, parka.

Graduation Information
Graduation information will be provided by your instructor, which may change with each class.