Report an incident or issue

Suspicious activity, crime, family violence, animal/wildlife issues, potholes, abandoned vehicles

Suspicious Activity Reporting


Report something to OSI

To report an incident or problem to the Office of Special Investigations, visit this link.

Report an abandoned vehicle


Report a pothole

Potholes are the byproduct of moisture infiltrating and possibly freezing in pavement cracks. Roads and parking lots around base are most susceptible to these in spring and fall because of freeze/thaw cycles and precipitation. The 773 CES' main concern is providing safe access to the base populace.

Step 1: Take note of where the pothole is located. (Street name, cross streets or building numbers.)

Step 2: Call or email with the above information with your name and contact information.

  • Potholes in privatized housing areas on both sides of the installation should be referred to the Aurora Housing help line at (907) 753-1051 or (907) 753-1091, or by sending an email to
  • Potholes NOT in Aurora Housing will either be called into 773 CES Customer Service at (907) 552-3726 or (907) 552-3727 or by sending an email to We expect to address potholes within 24 hours except for emergencies.
  • If the request is submitted after 5 p.m. your phone call will be directed to the Emergency Work Order Call Center at the Fire Department. (Emergency- meaning it will cause severe damage to vehicles or cause emergency traffic concerns).

Reminder- the best thing to do is avoid driving through a pothole, as they can damage your vehicle. Give us a call and we will be out as soon as possible to address the issue and help make your drive safer.

Report child or domestic abuse

Report Domestic Violence & Child Maltreatment

Duty Day: 907-580-5858
After hours, call Security Forces or
Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate
24/7: (907) 947-0888

Report nuisance/dangerous wildlife

Is there nuisance wildlife in your area? A bear in the dumpster or a moose that's being aggressive?

Contact the Conservation Law Enforcement Officers at 907-552-2436.

Have wildlife concerns? Call the Security Forces non-emergency number, 907-552-7070, and they can dispatch the CLEOs.

Aggressive pet or domestic animal bite

Have you been bitten by a domestic animal? Please call 907-552-3421.

Is there an aggressive pet in your area which is posing a threat? Please email with the subject line "Aggressive animal in housing."







JBER Antiterrorism Office

"Alert and Aware in the Arctic"