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 RecAccess Changes


Those recreating on JBER in the cantonment area and north of the Glenn Highway now need a DOD ID as well as a RecAccess permit, or to be escorted by a DOD ID holder. For more information, see this news article and the official memo.




JBER Motorcycle Voucher Request 2024

JBER Motorcycle FAQ 2024

JBER Motorcycle Preseason Brief


 OCOLA Update


On Sept. 29, 2023, OSD released their recent data analysis for COLA in Alaska. The analysis resulted in a projected -4 point change for Anchorage which took effect Nov. 16, resulting in an approximate 20% decrease in a service member’s COLA entitlement. The overall OCOLA reduction will be implemented in phases; the second half of the reduction has a “TBD” date.

Supervisors should ensure they are having conversations with service members on impact to their financial readiness and resources available to them.

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 RecAccess app for Recreational Access


The link for the JBER Conservation Management Program RecAccess is: https://jber.recaccess.com/


 Notice regarding firewood/Christmas tree cutting


Information for cutting wood on JBER can be found at:  https://jber.recaccess.com/





REAL I.D. Act Information

2022 JBER Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report