Central Issue Facility

The Central Issue Facility is at 804 Warehouse Street, and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
The facility is closed every third Thursday of the month for training and inventory.
PCS and ETS briefings are every Monday and Wednesday at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.
For information, call 907-384-1821.




8 a.m. to noon
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Turn-ins (Appointment only)
Turn-ins (Appointment only)
8 a.m. to noon

1 p.m. to 4 p.m
8 a.m. to noon
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Turn-ins (Appointment only)
Turn-ins (Appointment only)
8 a.m. to noon
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
All transactions (DX, partial
turn-ins, SOC, FLIPL)


8 a.m. to noon
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.



All transactions (DX, partial
turn-ins, SOC, FLIPL)



The Central Issue Facility is at 804 Warehouse Street, and can be reached at (907) 384-1821.

The CIF does not allow eating, drinking, smoking, use of smokeless tobacco, or vaping.

Do not use cell phones or listening devices at CIF except for official unit business.

Following are initial issue and unit issue procedures, turn-in procedures, cleaning tips, ETS/PCS specifications, contact information for the Quartermaster Laundry, and information about briefings, specialty issue, and supply reconciliation.

* YOU MUST BRING A PHYSICAL COPY OF ORDERS. Reception will coordinate a reschedule if you do not bring your orders on your scheduled day of initial issue.
* Sign in at the kiosk.
* Once you have completed the sign-in process at the kiosk, you and your sponsor will approach the counter and the person receiving their initial issue will receive a clipboard with a packet. Place your orders behind the packet and have a seat. Sponsors will be redirected to the cart staging area.
* When the CIF representative starts the introductory brief, follow the instructions and guidance provided.
If you have any questions, please ask.
* Sponsors will attend a separate briefing that highlights their responsibilities during the issue process.
* After the introductory brief, everyone will be directed towards the cart staging area where they will select a cart and inspect their station 8 items prior to beginning cycling through the stations.
* When you have completed each station, follow the direction of the CIF representative from your last station and make sure to leave your clipboard with the CIF rep.
* Finally, you will be called up by last name or last four of your social and you and your sponsor will sign both the transaction and updated clothing records.
* You will receive copies of the records that you sign. Be sure to make copies and place them in a secure location; a copy must be given to the unit’s supply.
* Conduct a layout within 5 days after receiving initial issue of OCIE. If discrepancy is found, service member must report to CIF within 5 days. Thursday is the next available walk-in day from 8 a.m. to noon.
*ALL SPONSORS MUST STAY FOR THE ENTIRE ISSUE PROCESS. If you have any appointments, you must have a replacement sponsor come before you leave. If there is no replacement, you and the Soldier you are sponsoring must return at a later date.

Unit needs to schedule an appointment to receive specified items (MOLLE 4K, Level 5 OCP/OEF clothing, etc.). The unit's supply NCO will need to contact the CIF supply tech/scheduler at 907-384-2804. The supply NCO will need to provide a current Triple Alpha162 Roster, DA From 1687, and Assumption of Command Orders in order to schedule their unit’s appointment. Once the appointment is scheduled, the memo must be received by CIF 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment date. If no memo is received, than the appointment will be cancelled and the unit supply NCO will need to make another appointment.
Memoranda must include the following:

* The unit and what equipment is requested to be drawn.
* Last name, first name, and last 4 of the social of all personnel authorized to receive the specified equipment


General Turn-in (DX, Partial)
* Equipment must be clean and dry. The use of the Quartermaster Laundry is highly recommended.
* Sleep system MUST go to quartermaster and remain wrapped until turned in to a CIF representative.
* OCIE items that are dirty will be kicked back unless they have been taken to the Quartermaster Laundry and received a tag.
* Entrenching tool (E-tool) will be spray painted FLAT BLACK before turn-in if there is visible rust or bare metal.
* Clean Extreme Cold Weather boots (VB Boots) with Magic Erasers or soft bristle brush and a multi-purpose cleaner without bleach. Clean laces separate from boots.
* Remove name tags, patches, tape, rubber bands, and pads from helmet, helmet cover, rucksacks, and all other OCIE issued equipment.
* Check all the NSNs of the items in your possession and on your clothing record to ensure they match. Any items that do not match your clothing record will require a discrepancy memo signed by your company commander. If you have any NSN discrepancies with your helmet, body armor, or E-SAPI/SBI plates, you will need to bring a discrepancy memo signed by your battalion commander.
* If any OCIE-issued equipment is damaged, you will need to bring a damage statement signed by your company commander. This includes tears, rips, burns, stains, marking not unique to the item (such as name and unit) and clothing items with missing tags.
* Soldiers who are missing items due to loss or excessive damage will receive either a Statement of Charges or a Financial Liability Investigation for Property Loss (FLIPL).

Additional information for those pending ETS or PCS
* Reverse pack your equipment from the last page of your clothing record to the first page. This will make your turn-in process faster and easier.
* Ensure you have a physical copy of your orders or a memo. No orders or memo will result in your appointment being canceled and rescheduled for a later date.
* All missed appointments by service members will require rescheduling by a first sergeant or company commander with the CIF directly.
* All chaptered service members must have an escort to conduct business with the CIF. If a chaptered service member does not have an escort, they will not be permitted in the building.
* Once you are finished with your turn-in, the CIF representative will update your clothing record. Service member will review with CIF personnel the updated clothing record and transaction paperwork to ensure everything is correct. Afterward, sign and date both packets to complete your turn-in process.
* If there are any items identified not in compliance with regulations, it will not be accepted until corrected. Soldiers will need to return on walk-in days (Thursday and Friday between 8 a.m. and noon) to turn-in any remaining items.

OCIE Clothing Record

To request a printout of your clothing record, visit your company supply NCO. CIF will only give clothing records to those receiving initial issue, those who are preparing to ETS or PCS, or if any changes are made to the clothing record i.e., changes in sizes, additional issues, and turn-ins.


All unit supply NCOs are required to conduct a reconciliation quarterly. To schedule an appointment to conduct a reconciliation, the unit must have an updated DA Form 1687 and Assumption of Command Orders on file. Units must also provide a current Triple Alpha 162 roster. At the end of the reconciliation, the supply representative will receive a CD with all relevant information.

Quartermaster Laundry

CIF recommends that you take all OCIE items to the Quartermaster Laundry (726 Quartermaster Road) unless items are still in their original packaging. The Quartermaster provides laundry service for free. All items must be clean to DX or turn-in to CIF. Dirty items will not be accepted and will be turned away until there are cleaned properly. The laundry can be reached at (907) 384-1902.

CIF Turn-In Brief

This is a mandatory brief for those who are in status of Expiration-Term of Service (ETS) or Permanent Change of Station (PCS). Personnel must be in duty uniform (PT uniform is acceptable) to attend. Briefings are at CIF in building 804 on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Appointments for turn-ins will be made after the brief. You must stay for the entire brief to make an appointment. Individuals who leave during the brief or after without making an appointment will be required to attend the brief again.

Maternity Uniforms/Coveralls/Safety Boots

Those requiring or requesting any specialty items must bring a signed memorandum stating why. Soldiers requesting maternity uniforms may instead bring a copy of their limited-duty profile stating their pregnancy status. For all other specialty items, the memo must state your MOS as part of the reasoning behind the request, and be signed by a company commander.

Points of Contact

Address: 804 Warehouse Street, JBER-R

Phone: (907) 384-1821

Quartermaster Laundry
726 Quartermaster Drive, JBER-R
Phone: (907) 384-1902