We are at 10480 Sijan Avenue, through the center door, in #123. Schedule your appointment online with the link below.


         Official 8x10 Head and Shoulders                Full Length 5x7 Official Photo




  • Requests must be for official government requirements.
  • Schedule studio appointments online at: https://jberpa.setmore.com/
  • Each studio customer is responsible for preparing his or her uniform to comply with AFI 36-2903. If you need to change at the studio, please set aside time prior to your scheduled appointment time.

NOTE: Chain of command displays are authorized for commanders from squadron up to wing level in unit hierarchy as well as command chiefs and first sergeants (AFI 35-101). Public Affairs does not have the responsibility or capability to support printed photos


                  Officer Men Class A Officer Women


                Enlisted Men Class AEnlisted Women


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What types of photographs can I obtain from the JBER Public Affairs office?

For official Army photos visit the JBER-R Studio web page.

Individuals requiring official Air Force photos should use the link above to schedule. If this is not working, contact the JBER Public Affairs office at DSN: 551-8997, Comm: (907) 551-8997. ALL PHOTOS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Official photos are scheduled on a "first come, first served basis." Individuals are required to schedule their own official photo appointments.

Official Air Force photographs: Head and Shoulders / Official DoD Passport photos / Other deployment-related photos (i.e. "red background") 

Information needed to make an appointment
· Last Name, First Name (as it appears in your e-mail address)
· Rank / Grade
· DSN Number
· Purpose and Justification for portrait session

Retirement, promotion or awards photos
E-mail the request jber.pa.2@us.af.mil. Due to manning limitations and AFI directives, we can only support retirement ceremonies of E-9, O-6 and above. We will support wing or equivalent level promotion/awards ceremonies and promotions of officers O-6 and above. Please include the time, date and location of the event.