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Closure Notices

Gate and Road Constructions

The scheduled Boniface and Muldoon gate closures will coincide with the scheduled road construction on Provider Drive.During construction, traffic will be directed through the neighboring streets and we ask that you follow the detour signs that will be installed. We encourage members to use Davis and Grady Highway to access the JBER hospital, JBER-E Family Camp, and the Joint Military Mall.

Boniface Gate
Beginning 20 May at 6 a.m., both inbound and outbound traffic will be limited to one lane each. There will be minimal access to JBER-E Visitor Control Center and will have no impact to JBER-R Visitor Control Center. Please use it as an alternative. Project to be completed 30 June. 

Muldoon Gate
Beginning July, the gate will be close for gate improvements. During the gate closure, please use alternate route. Project to be completed by end of September.

Post Road Gate
The gate is scheduled to be closed from 1-7 July for gate improvements. Commercial vehicle will be directed to the Fort Richardson Gate.  

Provider Drive (Vandenberg to Westover)
Beginning 13 May at 6 a.m., Provider Drive will be repaved. During each phase of the construction the traffic pattern will change to include temporary closures. Follow the signs posted at each locations to ensure safe vehicle operations and minimal impact to the construction zone. Project to be completed by end of June. 

No oversize vehicles (RVs, vehicle with trailers, buses) will be allowed on Provider Drive.

There will be constricted traffic flow to Silver Run Housing, Joint Military Mall, JBER Hospital and JBER-E Family Camp.

Provider Drive (Westover to Muldoon Gate)
Beginning 1 July, roads will be widened to four lanes from Westover to the Muldoon Gate and a roundabout construction will take place from Wilkins-Provider intersection. Chugach Housing residents will have access through a temporary road near the Provider and Wilkins intersection. Expected completion 30 September.

Vandenberg Avenue (between Airlifter Drive & 46th Street)
Beginning 11 June at 0600 to 28 June, Vandenberg Ave. will be closed to thru traffic. Access north from Airlifter Dr to the lake closure will remain open. Access south from 46th St. to the lake closure will also remain open. There will be no pedestrian access to 6-Mile Lake from Vandenberg Ave., during this time. Please do not attempt to enter the construction area. The November earthquake has damaged Vandenberg Ave at the 6-mile Upper and Lower Lake area. 

1st Street Paving

Beginning 30 April, at 6:00 a.m., Phase 1 will be a segment of 1st St from Warehouse St to North Warehouse St and Phase 2 will be a segment of 1st Street from D St to Warehouse St is scheduled to be repaved. Work is scheduled to be completed by 11 June. 

Buckner Fitness Center (Bldg 690)The Fitness Pool has reopened following annual maintenance, but the diving platform used for training is unavailable for use due to damage sustained from the earthquake.

Elmendorf Fitness Center (Bldg 9510)
The EFC is partially open during normally scheduled hours. All areas are open to customers with the exception of the upstairs running track, cardio area inside the running track upstairs, and the Fitness Pool. For safety reasons, the entire facility will be subject to immediate closure following a 5.0 or larger aftershock, or more than 12 inches of snow on the roof, until CE can conduct an inspection of the facility.

Talkeetna Theater (Bldg 7122)
The Talkeetna Theater on JBER-Elmendorf is permanently closed due to earthquake damage.

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