Questions for the Commander

If you have a question specifically about Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, please see the Topics on this page.  If your question isn't addressed or if you have a comment, the installation commander wants to hear about it.  Use the Interactive Customer Evaluation page or contact the ICE Office at or send an email to


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 Can I request a tour of JBER?

Individuals who do not have DoD ID cards can visit JBER during planned tours conducted by the Public Affairs Office.

Follow this link for tour information.

 How can I apply for a job at JBER?

JBER offers many different employment opportunities.

For Commissary positions, call (907) 580-4425 or visit: DECA.

For BX/PX positions, call (907) 753-4422/7242 or visit: AAFES.

For civil service and other positions, visit: USAJOBS.

 How do I file a noise complaint?

For aircraft-related or other noise complaints you believe were generated from JBER equipment or personnel please e-mail

Please ensure you include the information below.  Detailed information makes it easier to research the complaint.

Date/Time of Incident:
Have you filed a complaint with JBER before? Y or N
First and Last Name:
Phone Number:
Address, City, Zip:
E-mail Address:
Have you filed a complaint with JBER before? Y or N
Can you provide a detailed response of the incident?
Where did this occur? Please be as specific as possible. 
What type of aircraft was it?
Any additional information:
Do you want a response?

Thank you for supplying this information. We should reply within three working days.  We'll call you or respond via e-mail if you supply an address.

 How do I request a flyover or other military aviation support?

Requests for a military flyover at your special event can be made through the JBER Public Affairs Office or the U.S. Air Force Aerial Events Support home page. 

Military aircraft flyover requests are subject to a number of restrictions and supported only when they do not impact operational missions.  Please submit a completed DD Form 2535 a minimum of 90 days before the event to be considered for support. Less than 90 days notice reduces the chance that support will be available. Requests received 30 days or closer to the event will NOT be considered. 

You may download and print out a DD Form 2535 and follow the instructions for correctly filling out the form and submitting it.  

The DD Form 2535 can be submitted to Air Force Public Affairs (SAF/PAN) either by fax (703) 693-9601, e-mail, or mail:

USAF Aerial Events
1690 Air Force Pentagon
Washington, DC 20330-1690

If you plan to request a military aircraft flyover, please call the JBER Public Affairs Office at 907-552-4659 beforehand to discuss your project.  Although we cannot guarantee approval of your request, we can help make the application/request process a smoother experience for you.

 I want to contact a certain base organization, but I don't know the phone number.

If you don't know the phone number to the base organization you wish to call, dial the base operator at 907-552-1110 or DSN 317-552-1110.

The base operator should be able to provide you with the phone number and connect you to that organization.

 Is lodging available for military travelers?


For information about lodging on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, call 907-552-2454 or 907-384-5660 or visit JBER Lodging.

 Where can I get information about space available (Space-A) travel?

The best resource is to contact the JBER military passenger terminal at 907-552-8588 or via e-mail. The terminal staff will have the most current information. If you plan to travel Space A, contact the passenger terminal(s) where you plan to depart for current flight information and assistance. See the right column on this page, or click here for general information about the Space A program.

 Why are campaign calls showing up on my caller ID as calls coming from JBER?

Calls from JBER begin with 384, 428, 551, 552, and 580. 

If the prefix of the phone number begins with another number, it did not actually come from JBER. 

The Department of Defense, as an agency of the government, is prohibited from endorsing any political candidate or position.

Base Access FAQ

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 Can I leave my foreign visitor alone while on the installation?

Unless the Foreign Visitor is a foreign exchange student or an identified Family Care Plan member, the sponsor/escort, or their alternate (if listed), must be a DoD ID card holder an accompany the Foreign Visitor at ALL times while they are on the installation. At NO time is the Foreign Visitor to be left alone, or with someone not listed on the Foreign Visitor Pass Worksheet.

EXCEPTION: If the Foreign Visitor is a foreign exchange student or an identified Family Care Plan member, the sponsor MUST complete the "NON OFFICIAL FOREIGN VISITOR WORKSHEET" at least 4 weeks prior to requested base access dates. The sponsor must provide the signed and completed Worksheet to the Base Access Office located in Rm 100, Bldg 8517 for coordination and processing. Once passport and visa information is validated, the Worksheet will be routed to the 673d Air Base Wing Commander for approval of unescorted access.  

 How can I get my visitor a long-term visitor pass?
The sponsor will need to complete a "LONG-TERM VISITOR PASS WORKSHEET". If the sponsor is an E-6/GS-06, or below, the Worksheet will need to be endorsed by their Commander or First Sergeant. If the sponsor resides in Privatized Housing, the Aurora Housing Office must endorse the Worksheet, approving your visitor. Visitors are subject to vetting through state and federal criminal databases before issuance of a DBIDS ID card or pass. The 673d Security Forces Squadron is in the process of phasing out the old form, without the Aurora Housing Office signature lines, and starting 1 May 2018, will not accept the " LONG-TERM VISITOR PASS WORKSHEET" without the Aurora Housing Endorsement.
 How do civilian companies obtain access to the installation if they DO NOT have a contract?
Civilian companies must be sponsored by an on-base agency. The on-base agency's Security Manager will be the point of contact for the company and will be responsible for submitting the company's names to 673d Security Forces Squadron Base Access Office for processing. To contact on-base agencies, please call the Base Operator at 552-1110.
 How many days can my visitor get a pass for?
Visitor passes can be issued up to 60 days at the Boniface or Richardson Visitor Control Center. An example of reason would be visitors who have traveled from outside local area; presentation of travel itinerary is preferred.
 I heard that I can hike, bike, hunt, and fish on JBER lands, is that true?

RecAccess is an automated system designed to help you find out how you can recreate on JBER training lands. For more information on recreating on JBER, please call 552-WILD (9453).

 I used to be stationed at Fort Richardson or Elmendorf AFB, how can I visit?

Individuals who do not have DoD ID cards can visit JBER during planned tours conducted by the Public Affairs Office.

Follow this link for tour information.

 What do I need to do for large events on JBER?
For any non-official event being held on JBER (i.e. wedding, birthday party) the sponsor, or organization representative, will need to complete an Event Worksheet, available at the Base Access Office or on the base SharePoint site (673 SFS/Documents/S5PD/Base Access Forms), to provide access to visitors, 16 years of age or older, that do not normally have access to the installation.  The sponsor will turn the Event Worksheet into the Base Access Office, Bldg 8517 People Center, or email it to  Copies of approved Event Worksheets will be posted at entry gates.
 What if my visitor is a foreign national?

Foreign visitors are defined as foreign nationals that are not coming on the installation in an official military capacity but being sponsored by a person affiliated to a DoD agency.

Visitors, accompanied by their sponsor, will request a pass from the Visitor Control Center. The sponsor and foreign visitor will provide a passport and a completed "NON OFFICIAL FOREIGN VISITOR WORKSHEET." Every foreign national, regardless of DCL status, is required to be vetted through OSI or “require further approval.” Requests should be submitted at least two weeks in advance.

 What information needs to be on the Event Worksheet?
Event Worksheets must be completed in their entirety. ALL requested information is required for guests 16 years of age and older; guests 15 years of age and younger are not required to be included on the guest list. All guests on the Event Worksheet will be required to present a state or federally issued photo identification card at time of entry. Foreign Visitors are not authorized to be on the Event Worksheet. They must be vetted by Base Access in person by the sponsor prior to entry, issued a DBIDS pass, and escorted onto the installation at all times. If alcohol will be served at your event, designated drivers need to be identified by marking the far right column of the guest list. NOTE: JBADD and Taxis do not qualify, individuals MUST be identified. Once the worksheet has been processed, any additional guests will need to be sponsored through either the Visitor Control Center.
 What's required for my guests to receive a visitor’s pass?
Visitors 16 years of age and older will be required to present a valid state or federal issued identification card to receive a DBIDS visitor pass. Visitors are subject to vetting through state and federal criminal databases before issuance of a DBIDS ID card or pass.  If visitors will be driving, they must show a valid driver license, current vehicle registration, and proof of current insurance.

Visitors or guests 15 and younger are not required to obtain a DBIDS visitor pass but they must be in the company of an authorized ID holder and must remain with them at all times while on JBER.
 While visiting me, can my guests drive on and off base?
Yes, if visitors will be driving, they will be required to show a valid driver license, current vehicle registration and proof of current insurance.

Phone Numbers

Base Operator
(907) 552-1110

Public Affairs

10480 Sijan Ave Suite 123
Joint Base Elmendorf-
Richardson, Alaska 99506

PA Main Line: (907) 552-8151

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Media Operations:

Studio appointments on JBER-E: Call 552-2906, schedule an appointment,
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Studio appointments on JBER-R: Call 384-7183, or see this page.

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