Phone: 907-552-9444
Location: Bldg. 10480, Rm 167, JBER, AK, 99506


The 673d Air Base Wing Inspector General office can receive complaints regarding a wrongdoing, inappropriate conduct, or a violation of law, rules, or regulations. This includes complaints of gross mismanagement, gross waste of funds, abuse of authority, or a substantial and specific danger to the public health and safety.

If you are unable to reach someone at the above phone number, please leave a voicemail with the details of your complaint and/or contact information if you wish for a member of the 673 ABW/IG to contact you about your complaint. Please note that the IG Complaints Line is an unclassified line; do not leave a message containing classified information in the IG voice mailbox.

Complainants also have the right to submit complaints anonymously. Additionally, when the complainant's identity is known, the complainant may still elect to be treated as an anonymous filer when submitting the complaint.

Complainants should, but are not required to, attempt to resolve complaints at the lowest possible level (appropriate for the circumstances) using supervisory channels before addressing them to higher-level command channels or the IG. 

If you have any questions concerning the 673 ABW/IG complaints resolution program, please contact the IG complaints hotline at 907-552-9444.

For IG complaints that do not have any Air Force connection and only involve U.S. Army personnel/assets on JBER, please contact the 11th Airborne Division IG office at 907-384-0323. 

If you are a DAF civil service employee, Department of the Air Force non-appropriated fund employee, or a defense contractor employee with a complaint of reprisal under 5 USC § 2302 (b), please file your reprisal complaint at https://www.dodig.mil/hotline.