NEWS | Dec. 1, 2018

Reimbursement Claims for Property Damage

673 ABW/JA

FROM THE 673d AIR BASE WING LEGAL OFFICE: Regarding reimbursement claims for property damage, the following is for informational purposes only, not a guarantee of the payment of any potential claim.  The following information applies to U.S. Air Force personnel only.  U.S. Army personnel should refer to the U.S. Army Center for Personnel Claims Support (CPCS) at (502) 626-3000, or online at


Damage or loss caused to tangible personal property, caused by the 30 November 2018 earthquake at JBER, may be claimed and potentially reimbursed, under certain conditions, by filing a claim with the Air Force Claims Service Center (CSC).  Personal property includes personally owned items in base housing, including Aurora housing, dormitories, and some types of personally owned property in base offices and other duty locations.  Property damaged in off base housing is not covered.  The CSC will consider claims for loss or damage from military members, certain family members, and federal civilian employees, only.  Claims can only be reimbursed up to the depreciated value.


IMPORTANT: All covered federal employees, active duty Air Force servicemembers, on-duty AFRC and ANG servicemembers, and representatives MUST FIRST file claims for such damage/loss with their own private insurance companies. The AF Claims Service Center’s coverage is "secondary" to all private insurance coverage for incidents such as the recent earthquake.  After you have completed and received your final insurance settlement letter, you may start the Air Force claims process.  EXCEPTION: It is not required that you file with a private insurer first if the amount of your claim is under your deductible, or if your insurance does not cover your loss.


You can find general information and file your claim online at

You may also file a claim by completing DD FORM 1842 and DD FORM 1844, and mailing, e-mailing, or faxing you claim to the Claims Service Center, 

or submitting to the 673 ABW Legal Office (See below). 

Your claim must be filed by 30 November 2020.


 We advise any affected person to:


a.    Take photos of the damage and the cause if possible.  Retrieve receipts.


b.    Avoid replacing or repairing damaged items before your claim is decided, as investigation is often necessary.  Coordinate with Claims Service Center for exceptions.


c.     Report the damage to your private insurer and complete your insurance claim process. Then, if you still are not fully compensated for the loss at the depreciated value, you can file a claim as described above.  


The 673 ABW Legal Office is available to assist with making a claim during business hours, 907-552-3048. 

A dedicated Alaska Earthquake Air Force Claims Center may be opened soon.  Please monitor the JBER Facebook page for updates,


Partial emergency claim reimbursement may be available in limited circumstances for immediate needs only; consult with the AF Claims Service Center or 673 ABW Legal Office personnel.  In true emergencies, you can contact the on-call JAG at 907-227-4011.


You may also schedule a Legal Assistance appointment or receive claims assistance

by calling the Legal Office at 907-552-3048, during the hours of

0830-1630, Mon – Fri