Mobility Machine for the 21st Century
Mobility Machine for the 21st Century


The Air Force deployment process is not agile enough to meet demanding timelines. URSUS is an app that will automate the mobility machine with an emphasis on giving time back to units to focus on mission generation. This application focuses on the Individual Protective Equipment (IPE), Personnel Deployment Function (PDF), and the Cargo Deployment Function (CDF) processes.

Mission Imperative:

There is too much waste in the form of non-value added steps involved to enable rapid deployment execution. This distracts commanders from their focus on mission generation.

a. Generate Sorties: Significantly impacted by manpower availability. This factor is compounded when combined with pre-deployment requirements, appointments, and processing lines.

b. Mobilization of Forces: URSUS has the potential to change the Air Force mindset on how we mobilize forces to support Combatant Commands. This effort will help to redefine our tactical doctrine and develop an agile deployment process to maximize contribution to national defense while redefining our readiness model and organizational metrics. Additionally, it will allow installations to react quickly to TFPDD timeline requirements by making operations from WARNORD to wheels up more efficient.

c. Logistics Roles to Effect: The Logistics Community is responsible for a large portion of the deployment process. Due to dated technology and processes, the community now accommodates to the mobility machine and not the customer performing the mission. URSUS is a cultural change that will require buy-in from senior leaders across the Air Force.

Proposed Solution:

URSUS will utilize a database with all required cargo documentation (packing list, hazdec, placard, etc.) maintained within the system. Units will be able to see previous documents and update them online without having to print out more copies. At execution, CDF personnel will utilize URSUS to review those same documents. If an error is identified, they could correct on the spot or push it to the unit electronically. This keeps the CDF member working the line and allows for units to quickly correct the issue. This module makes the process effective and efficient, giving commanders more manpower to focus their efforts on mission generation.

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