Use this form to report information about abandoned vehicles on JBER.


References:  (a) AFI 31-218(I), Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision, 14 Jul 2017
                     (b) JBERI 31-118, Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision Program, 21 Dec 2017
1.       Abandoned and derelict motor vehicles, trailers, boats, recreational vehicles and other conveyances risk force protection, and present emergency response and environmental concerns.   
2.       Any vehicle or other conveyance that is negligently left unattended on JBER is subject to impound and eventual disposal.  All costs associated with towing and final disposition of the property, as executed by an authorized towing company, are the responsibility of the legal owner. Fees are outlined in the schedule attached.
3.       Vehicles suspected of abandonment should be reported to the 673d Security Forces Squadron via (907) 384-0834 or the JBER Connect App. Abandoned vehicles will be tagged with a 72-hour notice to impound before being towed.  Vehicles will be secured on JBER at lots located off of Circle Drive and North Warehouse Street (see attached map) for 165 days before disposal by an authorized towing company.  During the 165-day impound period, 673d Security Forces Squadron will attempt to locate and notify legal owners of their vehicle’s impound status.
4.       Additionally, 673d Security Forces Squadron or the 673d Civil Engineer Squadron may direct the removal of any vehicle that presents a traffic or safety hazard, impedes fire-fighting, emergency response operations or interferes with installation maintenance operations like snow removal, construction or military operations. 
5.       Boats, snow machines/ATVs, and recreational vehicles must be parked in secure storage lots maintained by the 673d Force Support Squadron. Contact Outdoor Recreation at (907) 552-2023 for lot information.  
6.       Long-term parking for TDYs longer than 48-hours and deployments is available west of facilities 7079, 7083, and 8005 for unaccompanied housing residents and at Warehouse Street and Circle Drive. Reference (b) outlines coordination required with unit leadership to ensure vehicles are properly secured.
7.       Violators of this policy letter will be addressed IAW reference (b), which may result in a six-month driving suspension on JBER. 
8.       Questions or concerns with this policy may be address to 673d Security Forces Squadron Investigations at (907) 384-0834 or at