Alaskan Airspace Info

11th Air Force

11 AF Airspace and Range team manages the USAF's Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex (JPARC); coordinates with FAA and civil aviation agencies; validates Operational Support Airlift; manages and constructs terminal procedures for 23 remote-Alaskan airfields.

Contact Info:


Team Chief - 552-4430/5715
Combat Airspace - 552-3636/7077
Airspace Manager - 552-4430/5715
11 AF Range Manager - 552-0999/5717

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Alaska's Exercise Info

Major Flying Exercises schedule for 2019

Northern Edge 19: 10-24 May 2019

Red Flag Alaska

19-2: 7-21 June 2019

19-3: 2-16 Aug 2019

During Exercise Red Flag-Alaska, Delta MOA Complex activation times are typically: M-F 1000L-1230L and 1600-1830L.  During the June 2019 Red Flag, Delta MOA times will be ½ hour earlier: 0930-1200 and 1530-1800L.  Reference Anchorage Center (PAZA) NOTAMS for actual Delta MOA activation times.

Alaska Civil/Military Aviation Council

ACMAC Meeting Minutes – Apr 19

ACMAC Meeting Briefing -  Apr 19

ACMAC Meeting Minutes - Dec 18

ACMAC Meeting Minutes - May 18

If you would like the accompanying brief to these meeting minutes, please contact the 11th Air Force Airspace and Range Team for a copy.