STOP MOVEMENT for the Hawaiian Islands

010818 | Aug. 23, 2018


STOP MOVEMENT for the Hawaiian Islands


Applicable to Total Force


For: MAJCOM, Force Support Squadron Commanders (FSS/CC), Military Personnel Flight (MPF) Chief/Superintendent (Ensure a copy is provided to your Civilian Personnel Functions)


Effective immediately, a stop movement of personnel to the Hawaiian Islands, has been issued for both TDY and PCS, for Airmen and civilians projected to the Hawaiian Islands. This stop movement determination is based on the projected arrival of Hurricane Lane this week and the potential for the destruction it brings. The stop movement remains in effect until further notice and will be updated as the situation dictates.


Airmen Projected for PCS to the Hawaiian Islands 1.Stop inbound travel for the Hawaiian Islands. All CONUS-based Airmen projected for PCS to Hawaii, and those who may have out processed but have not departed from their current duty station must not depart/proceed. Airmen must remain at their current duty station until further notice (for those who want to proceed for scheduled leave enroute, see paragraph 5).


2.Outbound personnel may travel as conditions safely allow.


3.Airmen currently stationed overseas who have a projected assignment to Hawaii and have an August date estimated return from overseas (DEROS) and have not yet departed the overseas area have options available. Each must be contacted by their servicing FSS/MPF and advised of the following options. If the Airman is planning to take leave enroute that is not within the stop movement area and travel has not been impacted, he or she may proceed according to the guidance in paragraph 5 below. Those Airmen who do not intend to take leave enroute according to the provisions in paragraph 5 below, will not be permitted to proceed with PCS until further guidance is provided. Additionally, these Airmen may be entitled to additional payment of temporary lodging allowance according to the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) 4.Airmen who have already departed their last permanent duty station (either overseas or CONUS) must be contacted immediately by their losing FSS/MPF by whatever means available and advised of this situation. Direct each member NOT to proceed to Hawaii until further notice. Those who did not intend to take leave enroute must report immediately to the nearest Air Force installation's MPF. At that time, they will be placed in TDY hold status and utilized in duties appropriate to their rank/AFSC, pending further instruction. Use this message as authority to place personnel in TDY hold according to AFI 36-2110, Assignments, paragraph 4.16. Unfortunately, PCS enroute Airmen placed on TDY hold are not entitled to a rental vehicle. Airmen who planned to take leave enroute must comply with the provisions in paragraph 5 below 5.Airmen departing their losing base who are projected to take leave enroute (leave must not be within the stop movement area) may do so with the understanding that if stop movement is not lifted by the time the leave is over, any additional days will be charged to their leave account. MPF relocation elements must obtain the following statement of understanding from each Airman deciding to proceed on leave: "I understand there is a stop movement in place for travel to Hawaii. I certify I am not going to be on leave in the stop movement area and understand if stop movement is not lifted by the time my leave is over, the additional days used will be charged to my leave account. I certify I will not report to Hawaii or anywhere in the surrounding area until stop movement is lifted or until notified by my gaining commander." The Airman's losing commander must coordinate on the statement. MPF relocations elements will file this statement in the personnel relocation folder and forward an electronic copy to AFPC Military Assignment Branch (AFPC/DP3AM)


Airmen TDY or on Leave from Hawaii Scheduled to Complete Their TDY or Leave


Airmen stationed in Hawaii who are away from the base on leave or TDY must remain on leave/TDY until instructed to return by your leadership. Please keep in contact with your leadership for further travel guidance.


TDY Hold Accountability Required Actions


To ensure the most accurate cost projections based on TDY hold action, all personnel functions who place an Airman on TDY hold must submit a report to AFPC/DP3AM, and provide the following information: grade, name, SSN (last 4), date placed in TDY hold, location. Note: An Airman cannot be on TDY hold at their permanent duty station. Provide AFPC/DP3AM the same information for those Airmen who had out-processed but were contacted before departing the local area. Send the reports to AFPC/DP3AM. If these Airmen decide not to depart the area on leave according to the paragraph above, they should report for duty as appropriate.


Civilian Employees Projected for PCS or TDY, or Returning from TDY or Leave to Hawaii


Stop inbound travel for Hawaii. Civilian employees with PCS orders to Hawaii should not depart their losing base until further notice. The home station FSS/MPF must communicate to commanders their responsibility to account for civilians in TDY status and make a determination on proceeding back to home station as more information becomes available for civilian employees.


Points of Contact

For Active Duty personnel: AFPC/DP3AM at DSN 665-3815 or commercial (210) 565-3815 For Civilian Personnel: AF Civilian Support Branch at DSN 665-5707 or commercial (210) 565-5707. Email: AFPC Civilian Support Branch For Air Force Reserve personnel: AFRC/A1RR at DSN: 497-0095 or commercial (478) 327-0095 or after hours DSN: 497-0680 or commercial (478) 327-0680 For Air National Guard personnel: ANG Command Center at DSN: 612-6001 or commercial (240) 612-6001


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