Local Airman receives national scholarship

  • Published
  • By Maria Galvez
  • 673 ABW/PA

United States Air Force Airman First Class Alejandro Landeros, a munitions support equipment maintenance crew chief assigned to the 3rd Munitions Squadron at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, has recently been awarded two prestigious scholarships – one at the local level and another from the Air Force.

The Logistics Officer Association Scholarship, awarded locally, and the subsequent Air Force scholarship recognize his dedication to academic excellence and leadership within the military community.

Upon being awarded the local Logistics Officer Association Scholarship, Landeros expressed gratitude for the acknowledgment of his efforts to balance education and military service.

“It’s an acknowledgment of my efforts toward advancing my education while still performing my best at work and the recognition it provides encourages me to continue performing my best and working toward improving in both school and work,” said Landeros.

The scholarship, aimed at promoting education, mentoring, and leadership, aligns closely with Landeros’ personal and professional aspirations. With a focus on academics, leadership, community involvement, and career aspirations, Landeros was selected as the recipient based on his outstanding performance both in school and in his military duties.

"This scholarship means a great deal to me," Landeros explained. "It not only provides financial support for my education but also serves as validation of my commitment to both my academic and military endeavors."

Landeros intends to leverage these opportunities to strengthen his qualifications for future career advancements within the Air Force.

“I plan on using this scholarship to help fund the in-person summer lab programs and experiences being offered by my university to help develop critical skills for my degree program,” said Landeros. “Through acquiring the skills and tools from my schooling I hope to improve my package to commission in the USAF.”

In addition to the local $1,000 scholarship, Landeros was also awarded another $1,000 for the National Logistics Officer Association Scholarship, further recognizing his performance and potential within the military community.

This scholarship will provide Landeros with additional resources to advance his career and educational goals within the Air Force.

Landeros emphasized the importance of continued dedication and excellence.

"I am grateful for the recognition and support provided by these scholarships," Landeros said. "I am committed to utilizing these opportunities to further enhance my skills and contribute to the overall mission of the Air Force."

“[Airman First Class] Landeros possesses a remarkable level of goal orientation,” said U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Joshua Gates, Munitions Support Equipment section chief also assigned to the 3rd MUNS.

“What sets him apart is his unwavering dedication to elevating not just himself but also his peers,” said Gates. “He actively promotes a culture of growth and development within the shop by encouraging others to pursue further education.”

Landeros said he looks forward to continuing his academic and military journey with renewed determination and purpose, eager to make a lasting impact in his chosen field and community.