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Closure Notices

Boniface Gate Closure

The Boniface Gate will remain closed to outbound traffic until further notice. This will not affect inbound traffic to the installation.

The Muldoon gate will be open to inbound and outbound traffic 24 hours until this is resolved.

We will keep you updated on the progress of reopening outbound lanes.

Due to a vehicle accident at the Boniface Gate, all outbound traffic has been shut down. Please use an alternative gate to exit the installation.

We will keep you updated as the situation is resolved.

Buckner Fitness Center - locker rooms

The Buckner Fitness Facility locker rooms will be closed due to renovations from 22 October 2018, to early 2019.

Buckner Fitness Center - steam rooms

Both men's and women's steam rooms in BFC have been closed indefinitely due to safety concerns with malfunctioning benches. The contractor is evaluating the situation, estimated closure throughout the remainder of the year while repairs take place. (OPR: 673 FSS)


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