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Fire Prevention Folders

Congratulations on your appointment as a Facility Manager. Our Fire Prevention staff understands your concerns with this additional duty and we are available to assist you.

Fire Facility Manager Memo - (Lists the things you need to keep track of in your facility/fire prevention folder.)



Assembly Occupancies Table and Chair Minimum Spacing Requirements for Assembly Areas With Non-Fixed Seating
Flammable Storage Flammable Storage Cabinets Handout  
  - Incompatible Chemicals 
  - NFPA 30_FAQs 
  - NFPA v OSHA flammable Liquids
Hot Work - Welding  - Welding Area Checklist
  - Welding Areas Fire Safety Handout
  - AF Form 592, Hot Work Permit
Kitchens - Restaurants   
  - Caster Positioning Safety - Set in Depth 
  - What is a Caster Positioning Safety-Set
Warehouse - Storage Areas   
  - Idle Pallet Storage Fire Safety Handout
  - Rack Shelving General Requirements
Out of Service Systems


  - Out Of Service Systems
- Out Of Service Sign
- Out Of Service Sign Requirements
1487 Instructions - Work order info, contact information, and instruction. 
- Work Order Request Form: If needed for corrective actions, fill out and submit to CE Customer Service 
Daily Closing Checklist - For use by facility managers at the end of the day to comply with AFMAN 91-203  This can be edited to meet your specific needs.
Electrical Safety Handout - Common electrical hazards found on JBER
Emergency Evacuation Plans Handout - Useful information for developing emergency evacuation plans and maps. 
Facility Manager Checklist A checklist to avoid the most common write-ups.  
Fire Drill Sheet with Instructions - A fire drill sheet with instructions and contact information. 
Fire Drills Safety Handout - Guidance for conducting fire drills on JBER.
JBERI 32-2001 - JBER Fire Prevention Progarm


Fire Safety Award

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