JBER Recycling

Recycling and Pollution Prevention
The Environmental Compliance Section is responsible for ensuring JBER reduces the pollution of any type into the environment. This is done through three basic mechanisms: reduce, reuse and recycle as explained below.

Reduce is a process that reduces the amount of material used or waste created in a process. Green procurement decreases the amount of harmful material used by substituting a material that is more environmentally friendly. Process improvement may decrease the amount of harmful material used and harmful waste made. Examples include using earth-friendly cleaners, auto soap concentration dispenser and using a soak time in combination with and high-temperature, high-pressure, low-volume rinse.

Reuse is using a waste product from one process as a useful product in another process or using a material multiple times. Examples include solvent filtering for solvent reuse or using concrete rubble for riprap or erosion control. Reuse resources on JBER include the following;

· HAZmart will accept select unopened unexpired government hazardous materials.
· DRMO (12755 Davis Highway) will accept government equipment that is operating or near operational condition.
· Thrift shop (724 bldg Quartermaster Drive) and Bargain Shop (20th and Sharp) both accept personal sellable items (hazardous material not accepted).

Recycle is collecting material that will be reprocessed into a raw material to be used to make another useful product. Examples of items that JBER collects at Hazardous Waste Center pickups to be recycled include

· used oil
· antifreeze
· fluorescent lights
· fuel
· batteries (lithium, lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, alkaline)

Other materials JBER recycles:

· Cooking oil ( Alaska Waste )
· Pavement
· Construction material

For more information on recycling locations, request for recycling containers, or to report a full recycling container, please call the Qualified Recycling program manager at 907-384-3419.
For questions on recycling hazardous waste, please contact the Hazardous Waste Center 907-552-3435.

Local pollution prevention resources:
· Batteries and electronic waste can be taken to Total ReclaimBatteries Plus or various electronic retailers
· Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling
· Anchorage recycling information

Additional general information on JBER Environmental Quality Recycling and Pollution Prevention Programs can be found in the JBER Environmental Handbook.