• Intelligence Operations Airmen support RED FLAG-Alaska 23-2

    RED FLAG-Alaska is an exercise that provides unique opportunities to integrate various forces into joint, coalition, and multilateral training from simulated forward operating bases. It’s a 10-day interoperability exercise designed to simulate combat and allow military members to exercise skills

  • 100 years of air refueling: a legacy strengthened at RED FLAG-Alaska 23-2

    During the recent RED FLAG-Alaska 23-2 exercise, which brought together U.S. and international partners, the legacy of air refueling was highlighted by showcasing its crucial contribution to military readiness and cooperation. From its humble beginnings to its modern applications, air refueling has

  • Civic Leaders visit RED FLAG-Alaska

    A group of six civic leaders toured RF-A to see firsthand of the joint and multilateral exercised to provide realistic training essential to the continued development and improvement of combined and joint interoperability in a simulated combat environment.