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Colonel Carpentier was born in Trois Rivieres, Quebec and was commissioned in the Canadian Forces in August 1986, following his Basic Air Weapons Control course in North Bay, Ontario.

After a short tour in the 22nd NORAD Region, he was posted in August 1987 to the 12th Missile Warning Squadron, Thule AB Greenland as a Combat Crew Commander and the Chief of Standards and Evaluations on the newly operational Phased Array Ballistic Missile Early Warning System. The following year he was posted to 1st Space Wing Headquarters Peterson AFB, CO where he served as the Chief of the Pave Paws training branch. In 1991 Col Carpentier returned to North Bay, this time as the 51 Sqn Weapons Operations Officer. Unable to stay anywhere too long, he was posted to National Defense Headquarters in 1993 as a Career Manager.

In 1996 Col Carpentier returned to the Operations world, this time on AWACS in Geilenkirchen, Germany where he served as a Weapons Director, Fighter Allocator, and Mission Crew Commander. During this tour he participated in NATO operations DECISIVE ENDEAVOUR, DELIBERATE GUARD, DELIBERATE FORGE, ALLIED FORCE, and JOINT GUARDIAN over the former Republic of Yugoslavia and Kosovo.

In 1999, following his promotion to Major, he was selected as the NATO Exchange Officer representing the NATO Airborne Early Warning Force in France with the 36e Escadron de Détections et de Control Aéroporté. As a qualified Chef de Mission on the E-3F, he continued to support the Balkan theatre. In July 2002 Col Carpentier returned to North America and was posted to Tinker AFB, Oklahoma to fly on the USAF E3-B and C models. In addition to operational deployments in support of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq he served as the Wing Deputy Chief of Standards and Evaluations. Over his four AWACS tours Col Carpentier has amassed over 3200 flying hours and 186 combat and combat support missions.

In 2005 Col Carpentier assumed command of 12 Radar Squadron, a Tactical Mobile Radar. His mission was to provide Canada with a mobile tactical command, control and surveillance unit capable of world wide deployment on 72 hrs notice. Following a year as a student on the Canadian Forces Joint Command and Staff Program in Toronto, Col Carpentier served as the NORAD Director of Inspections, Peterson AFB, Colorado where he was responsible to the IG for the combat readiness of assigned and gained NORAD Alert Forces and the associated Command and Control structure. In Jul 2010 Col Carpentier was again selected for Command, this time of the Canadian AWACS Detachment at Tinker AFB. After a quick seven month spin on high heat in the Strategic Joint Staff in Ottawa Col Carpentier was promoted to his current rank and selected as the Deputy Commander Alaska NORAD Region.

Col Carpentier received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba and holds a Master of Science degree in Aerospace Administration from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. He is a graduate of the Canadian Forces Staff School, the NATO Tactical Leadership Flying Course, the Canadian Forces Command and Staff Program, and the Canadian Security Studies Program.