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Determine your maintenance cycle  - Slide show on how to determine when an extinguisher needs to be serviced. 
Extinguisher Inspection Record  - Extinguisher tracking sheet for your vehicle fleet or buildings. 
Extinguisher Prices 2021 - Local vendor listing and prices. 
FE-36 Extinguisher-Agram  - AFCEC guidance letter on use of FE-36 extinguishers for high value electrical equipment. 
Monthly Extinguisher Checklist  - What you need to check each month. 
Fire Extinguishers in Facilities - Fire extinguisher guidance for each occupancy and additional hazards.
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Facility managers and using organizations shall budget for the purchase and maintenance of fire extinguishers. Reference AFMAN 91-203.

Contact our office at 384-5555 and request a site evaluation. We will conduct an evaluation to determine the correct type and size of fire extinguisher(s).
Please open the EXTINGUISHER PRICES document above for the latest vendor and price information. Prior to purchasing new fire extinguishers, please consult our office for the correct size and type. All newly purchased fire extinguishers must be brought by our office, so that we can affix a numbered label and identify the maintenance cycles.
It depends on the type of fire extinguisher. Handheld ABC type fire extinguishers (most common) must undergo maintenance at 6-year intervals. A hydrostatic test must be accomplished at 12-year intervals, regardless of the last 6-year maintenance.  Class K fire extinguishers require maintenance every 5 years. Initial maintenance dates are based off the year of manufacture.
Please refer to the DETERMINE YOUR MAINTENANCE CYCLE upload above.
You are required to inspect all fire extinguishers and sign the tag monthly. Please refer to the MONTHLY EXTINGUISHER CHECKLIST upload. The fire inspector will conduct the annual extinguisher inspection during your building's fire inspection and provide new tags/annual certification as needed.  Give us a call if you have questions or concerns, and we can look up your facility inspection schedule and conduct a site visit if needed.
You can drop them off at building 724, Fire Prevention Office, in the black drop box located at the NE corner of the building, opposite side from the Richardson Thrift Shop. There currently are no fees for turning in fire extinguishers for disposal.
Yes, fire extinguishers removed from service for maintenance or recharging shall be replaced by a fire extinguisher suitable for the type of hazard being protected and shall be of at least equal rating. Reference NFPA 10, Section 7.1.3
Yes, new fire extinguishers will come with the required bracket. We do not provide replacement brackets but you can contact any vendor on the extinguisher price list above for purchase. The following guidance is provided in NFPA 10 for mounting your extinguisher: Fire extinguishers shall be conspicuously located where they are readily accessible and immediately available in the event of fire. Fire extinguishers shall be located along normal paths of travel, including exits from areas.* Portable fire extinguishers other than wheeled extinguishers shall be installed using any of the following means:

(1) Securely on a hanger intended for the extinguisher

(2) In the bracket supplied by the extinguisher manufacturer

(3) In a listed bracket approved for such purpose

(4) In cabinets or wall recesses

 A. In situations where it is necessary that fire extinguishers be provided temporarily, a good practice is to provide portable stands, consisting of a horizontal bar on uprights with feet, on which the fire extinguishers can be hung.

**Fire extinguisher must be hung 4in above the ground, with the handle no higher than 5ft above the floor.  About waist height is usually best.**

Absolutely, you can request training by contacting our office at 384-5555, or by sending an e-mail to our org box by clicking here 673 CES Fire Prevention

Fire extinguisher requirements can be found in JBERI 32-2001, Fire Prevention Program, AFMAN 91-203, Consolidated Occupational Safety Standard, and NFPA 10, Portable Fire Extinguishers.

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