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Simply open the document(s) that you need to submit for authorization, fill out the highlighted areas, and return to the Fire Prevention Office by faxing to 384-3212, emailing to: or in person at our office (Building 724, 2nd Floor - NE Corner-Richardson).  Remember to submit a drawing (floor plan/map) for the request letters requiring it.

Please call our office at 384-5555 if you have any questions.

Flammable Storage Cabinet(s) - Request - For flammable storage cabinets only. Fill in the required info, sign the letter, and submit to our org box.  Be sure to attach a diagram of the floor plan with the cabinets identified.
Flammable Storage Room - Request  - For flammable storage rooms only. Fill in the required info, sign the letter, and submit to our org box. 
MHE Parking - Routing Memorandum - Required by AFMAN 91-203 for the parking of gasoline or diesel powered material handling equipment (MHE) inside of a warehouse.
Recreation Fire - Request - Prior coordination with Outdoor Recreation required if fires are held in 673 FSS facilities.

Smoking Area - Request
- Intended for flight line, munitions, and fuels areas.  Please fill out and submit with a map showing the location of the intended smoking area.
Vehicle Parking - Request  Only for vehicles that need to be parked inside for the following reasons: freezing winter temperatures, required for emergency mission response, or can be damaged by freezing temperatures (e.g. having water piping/pump or hydraulic system(s).
Hangar Parking Authorization -  Coordinate with Group Commander, Ground Safety (552-6850), and Bioenvironmental (email to 673 AMDS/SGPB [on Global] or call 552-3985).
Welding Area Authorization

- Use this form to request a Welding Area within a facility. 


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