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WAPS testing

Don't leave your promotion to chance; everything you need to succeed is right here. Review your responsibilities then check out the Important Web Sites area on the right. You can log into MyPers to review your DVR and PRDA, access the Airman Advance Division for your study material; electronic WAPS CDC's and PDG. You can also check Testing eligibility and FAQ's below for more information. Please contact your Unit WAPs Monitor if you have any questions.

Local testing procedures can be found under the start clock below; testing always begins at 0730. 

 Promotion Toolbox




 Testing starts at 7:30

Local Testing Procedures

Delayed reporting document

Important Web Sites
Airman Advance Division
Contains links to the ERRPC
(WAPS Catalog), PDG, and E-World.


vMPF: Data Verification Record

PRDA: Personnel Records Display Application