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PME Center Commandant

CMSgt Venning

CMSgt Michael J. Venning

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Airman Leadership School & NCO Academy

Welcome Airmen!

Through these doors walk the greatest Americans our nation has to offer…and that is YOU! I look forward to meeting you soon and partnering with you on your Air Force journey. The following paragraphs are just a few initial thoughts to help frame your vision of PME before you arrive.

Our team at the Elmendorf PME Center will strive to develop in you Air Force institutional competencies and sub-competencies. We will help you become more effective leaders of people, teams, mission sets, and programs – all in order to fly, fight, and win.

The specific objectives of our PME programs are to:
1) Provide the nation with personnel skilled in the employment of air, space and cyberspace power in the conduct of war and small scale contingencies,
2) Provide Air Force personnel with the skills and knowledge to make strategic decisions in progressively more demanding leadership positions within the national security environment,
3) Develop strategic thinkers, planners and warfighters, and
4) Strengthen the ability and skill of Air Force personnel to lead, manage and supervise.

The Elmendorf PME Center is a regional academic institution responsible for building the NCO corps of the future. Developing and refining enlisted leadership is our top priority and includes the total force, joint force, and coalition partners.

To prepare you for attendance at Airman Leadership School or the Intermediate Leadership Experience, please heed the following:

Your Mission: Embrace, learn, and adopt Air Force institutional competencies and sub-competencies, focusing on the leadership, management, and warrior ethos required by all Airmen.

Your Enemy: Anything that would distract you from the objectives of this course. They include procrastination, laziness, your primary job (you are here to learn), and negative attitudes.

The Terrain: You're in a professional military environment; do not engage in behaviors that violate the UCMJ, Air Force instructions, or local guidance. Keep your relationships at the PME center professional. Listen to your PME leadership; come here trusting your cadre of instructors – they genuinely care and want the best for you.

Your Flight (Team)/Support Available: Your teammates are key to your success. Adopt study habits that encourage constructive criticism and peer‐feedback. Serve each other, be honest with each other, and take care of each other – from day one.

Your Time: Study...time management is paramount. 24 hours a day are yours to execute or waste.

The Culture: Be aware of the culture of the classroom environment. In regards to insult and academic freedom, exercise academic freedom with good judgment. Diversity sometimes causes offense; however, don't be abrasive simply to offend. Stand for, and defend, your beliefs and values but do so with humility and honor.

Finally, I want you to keep these three things in mind throughout your PME experience:

Core Values: Integrity, service, and excellence are critically important to everything we do. Our core values are more than minimum standards. They inspire us to do our very best at all times. They are our common bond and the glue that unifies our Air Force of the past, present, and future.

Relationships: The people you meet during PME will be your wingmen for a season of your life. Where those relationships go after your course is up to you, but I promise that decades from now you will remember names, faces, fun times, and tough times from your PME experience. Cultivate those relationships during this growth stage…and then watch them blossom and flourish over the years to come.

Your Story/Your “Why”: Everyone has a story. Your story is your “why”. Your story and your “why” may include faith, family, friends, or career. Your story and your “why” shows everyone what you believe in, what you’re working towards, and why you’re serving in the Air Force. Your PME experience is now a part of your story. What story will you tell in the future and what will become a part of your “why”?


CMSgt Michael J. Venning
Commandant, Elmendorf PME Center
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska


Before You Attend...A Roadmap to Success

Ensure you are physically prepared to attend and participate in our Human Performance physical fitness program. All students, in order to meet cognitive objectives integrated throughout the course, must be prepared to participate in the Human Performance program. The overarching purpose of this program is to further expand on lesson principles, while challenging students to reach increased levels of resiliency. Although the resounding majority of graduating students report a noticeable improvement on their Air Force Fitness Assessment, it is not a program vectored at improving scores; that is still your responsibility.

Ensure you communicate with your family and friends. EPME is very taxing on one's personal time, and the academic rigors built into the course go far beyond the average duty day. You will be expected to prepare briefings, write papers, perform research, and complete nightly reading assignments on your time, after duty hours. Having your family and friends understand your obligations over the next several weeks will pay dividends.

Ensure you have all uniform items required and that all uniform items are clean, serviceable, and fit you appropriately prior to attending.

PME center

Reporting Instructions

The Elmendorf PME Center is located at 6167 Doolittle Ave, the cross-intersection of Doolittle Avenue and 11th Street on JBER-Elmendorf. Reporting for both ALS and NCOA is 0700, with doors open at 0630 on the first day of training. Students reporting for ALS and NCOA will be in Service Dress Uniform or equivalent. You will be greeted by a member of the staff upon entering the building, and he/she will provide you with a flight room assignment.

Pre-Class Mandatory Requirements
Please bring a copy of your current fitness assessment and any associated profiles on Day of Training One.

A laptop is required for both ALS and NCOA curriculums.

A member of the staff will email you special instructions and additional information. All students must comply with the guidance provided prior to class start.

Student parking is available directly in front of building. The parking lot on the northwest side of the PME Center is available for overflow parking, with another gravel parking lot bordering Paxton Park to the southeast side of the PME Center. Parking across the street at Vehicle Operations is not permitted. Do not park in any areas that are otherwise reserved for PME personnel or Distinguished Visitors (DV).

Rooms for all classes are reserved with lodging prior to the fiscal year and will have a group confirmation number. All TDY students may contact the Director of Education at (907) 552-7086, to get the confirmation number, and do not need to schedule any reservations at billeting. You will have a lodging reservation on base unless told otherwise by the director or other school representative.

Actual room assignments are given closer to the class start date. If you call lodging to confirm your reservation, you may find they do not have you in their system yet. That is because they have not received the final list of students who will be attending from the schoolhouse. Do not make your own reservations unless told to do so by the schoolhouse.


Dress and App

Dress and Appearance Requirements

Students from Active, National Guard, and Reserve components of the Air Force will comply with the most current AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel, and policies set forth by the Commandant, Elmendorf PME Center.

The Service Dress uniform will be worn by all students. 

The Airman Battle Uniform/Operational Camouflage Pattern is the primary uniform of the day for U.S. Air Force personnel attending ALS or the NCOA at the Elmendorf PME Center.

On Service Uniform Inspection Day, students will comply with AFI 36-2903.

For Reveille and Retreat, students will stand in formation in the uniform of the day. Weather is hardly an excuse to defer paying respect to the flags, so each student must be prepared for all formations. This includes, but is not limited to, an appropriate outer garment and gloves. Earmuffs are highly encouraged as the only approved head gear for formations are the ABU/OCP patrol cap, blue service/flight cap, and beret (if authorized to wear). 

Appropriate wear of clean and serviceable Air Force Physical Training Uniforms are mandatory for all Elmendorf PME Center Human Performance activities. It is encouraged to have some type of studded shoe cover for running outdoors during the winter months.

Students will wear the Mess Dress or Semi‐Formal Uniform for the evening, Dining‐Out graduation ceremony.

Our Joint and Coalition Services: For all uniforms identified above, our Joint and Coalition partners should be prepared to wear commensurate, authorized uniform items from their respective branch of service. If in question as to what the correct combination is, seek guidance through your chain‐of-command and/or authority arranging your attendance.


"Class, Prepare to Graduate!"

The PME Center graduation ceremonies consist of either a mid‐day diploma ceremony for NCOA or an invitation‐only graduation banquet for ALS in the evening. These ceremonies are the culmination of an intensive academic endeavor for both ALS and the NCOA students. Student attendance and participation is mandatory.

NCOA Diploma Ceremony

The Elmendorf PME Center facilitates a NCOA Diploma ceremony for graduation. This is the opportunity for all of JBER, its partners, and its guests to recognize a major milestone in an enlisted member's Air Force career.

             ‐ No RSVP required
             ‐ Open to all military and civilian supporters

Location & Time:
             ‐ Frontier Theater, Building 2, JBER Alaska, 99505
             ‐ Time: 1100 - 1230

              ‐ Graduates will wear the uniform of the day as prescribed the commandant
              ‐ JBER Community and guests may wear uniform of the day as authorized by their commander

ALS Graduation Banquet

The Elmendorf PME Center hosts a Formal/Semi-Formal Graduation Dinner Banquet in honor of the student's academic achievements.  The event is a "Student Led, Instructor Mentored" program with graduates putting on a presentation with a graduation theme determined by the Commandant.  The Graduation Banquet is specifically designed to recognize the top graduates from both Airman Leadership School, honor all graduates and guests in attendance, while renewing commitment to the profession of arms.

Each student will be given specific instructions regarding number of guests, guest attire, and the AF e-invitation regarding RSVP, meal choice and payment.             

               ‐ Mess Dress, Semi‐formal, or Service equivalent is required for all military members regardless of military status
               ‐ Civilians are required to wear comparable attire appropriate for a formal military function

Graduation POC:
 For any questions regarding the ALS graduation banquet contact the POC at 907-552-3150/4099.

Points of Contact
- ALS Scheduling and Attendance:
Director of Education 
DSN 317-552-7086

- NCOA Scheduling:
Contact your respective FSS Formal Training Office and/or Unit Training Monitor

- Questions about NCOA
Director of Education 
DSN 317-552-7086

- ALS & NCOA Graduation Ceremonies:
Elmendorf PME Center Resources Office
DSN 317-552-3150

- Professional Enhancement Seminars (NCOPE, SNCOPE) Scheduling and Attendance:
JBER Career Assistance Advisor
DSN 317-552-STAY (7829)

- First Term Airman Center Scheduling and Attendance:
DSN 317-552-1366