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Joint Base Against Drunk Driving

April 12, 2013

U.S. Air Force Fact Sheet

What is Joint Base Against Drunk Driving?

JBADD is a volunteer based organization established as an extension of the Better Opportunities for Single Service Members (BOSS) program.

The primary purpose of JBADD is to provide the members of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson and any other Department of Defense ID card holders, with a safe, anonymous, and free ride home instead of driving their own vehicles while intoxicated.

- Prevent the injuries and loss of life that too often result from drunk driving
- Reduce the number of DUIs among JBER personnel
- Educate JBER personnel on the severe consequences of drinking and driving, both personally and professionally

When should you use JBADD?

- If you are under the influence of ANY alcohol or intoxicating substances (inhalant, depressant, hallucinogen, stimulant, or narcotic drug) and your primary plan has changed.

· Plan A: Have a Designated Driver who is not going to drink
· Plan B: Set money aside for a taxi ride home
· Plan C: Call a Wingman, a friend, or a supervisor
· Plan D: Get a hotel room that is close to where you are going to drink so you can walk
· Plan E: Drink at a bar that offers a taxi ride home at no charge (30 bars in town do this)
· Plan F: Call JBADD - 384-RIDE (7433) or 552-HOME (4663); this should be your last resort, not your plan A!

*Once you get home; stay home
If you are drinking - do not drive!

What is considered a DUI in Alaska/JBER?

- DUI=.08% > blood alcohol content (BAC)
- DUI=.001% > BAC if driver is under 21 years of age
- Refusal to submit to a breath/blood test carries the same penalties as if convicted of a DUI
- A person is driving under the influence if he/she operates, drives, or is in physical control of a motor vehicle, watercraft, aircraft, while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, inhalant, depressant, hallucinogen, stimulant, or narcotic drug.

What is Considered Operating Under the Influence (OUI)?

- A person is under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance with the intention or opportunity to control a motor vehicle (BAC is not required)
- Examples:
- Keys on person while sitting in a vehicle (front or back seat)
- Sitting in the back of a pickup truck
- Subject to Anchorage prosecution and/or military administrative actions (listed below)

The Consequences of an Off Base DUI (1st Offense):

- Minimum of 72 hours in Jail
- 30 day vehicle impound
- Fees may include: towing, storage, administrative processing, interlock device installation, court fees, sentencing, and imprisonment (Average of $22,000-$24,000 for 1st DUI)
- Minimum of 90 day license revocation (revocation time increases for subsequent DUIs)
- Military administrative actions:
- 12 month revocation of on-base driving privileges
- LOC/LOA/LOR (See below for more)
- Administrative Demotion

The Consequences of an On Base DUI:

- 12 month revocation of on-base driving privileges (0.05-0.08% > BAC)
- Administrative Actions:
- Unfavorable Information File
- Control Roster
- Administrative Demotion
- Administrative Separation
- Punitive Actions:
- Article 15: Reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay, extra duty, restriction to base
- Court Martial: Punitive discharge, confinement, hard labor without confinement, forfeitures

Maximum Punishment for an On Base DUI:

- Resulting in Personal Injury: Dishonorable Discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 18 months.
- No Personal Injury involved: Bad-Conduct Discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 6 months.

Education and Treatment

- All offenders are required to attend education or treatment as recommended by an alcohol assessment. First offenders must attend 8 to 15 hours of classroom instruction at a cost of $20 to $150 per hour.

*In Alaska offenders failing to comply with the terms of their program are not eligible for license reinstatement and shall be subject to revocation of probation and incarceration.

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