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COVID-19 Updates and What the U.S. Government is doing about it.

- Any service member or dependent at JBER who thinks they might have COVID symptoms should call the 673d MDG COVID-19 hotline at 907-580-2778, option 1.
- Further reduction of garrison and tenant services--we are working to find ways to provide virtual services as much as possible
- Commissary and AAFES resources will remain available with current mitigating efforts in place

Chaplain's Corner: I want to be rich-filthy, stinking rich!

By Air Force Chaplain (Maj.) Steven Richardson | JBER Chaplain | May 5, 2016

JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON, Alaska — My dad used to tell me an old story about a man named Fred.

One day Fred was speeding down the highway in his brand new Porsche. Fred was so excited about the speed and power of his new car that he started to zigzag through traffic in order to feel the acceleration.

It wasn't long before he saw flashing lights behind him, and he pulled off to the side of the road.

Fred was ticked at the police officer for interrupting his fun.

As the officer approached his car, Fred flung open the open the door so he could get out and have a conversation with the officer.

Just as Fred opened the door, a semi-truck drove by and smashed into his door.  Fred started screaming, "My Porsche, my Porsche, my brand new Porsche."

The police officer rushed to the scene of the crash, looked at Fred and remarked, "People like you make me sick. You're so worried about your precious car that you didn't even notice your left arm was ripped off in the crash."

Fred looked down at where his arm used to be, looked back up at the officer and exclaimed "My Rolex, where is my Rolex?"

When I say I want to be rich, I'm not talking about having a lot of money or having a lot of things. It is so easy to be caught up in the pursuit of things. It's so easy to buy into the fallacy that success is measured by how much you have as opposed to who you are, what you believe and what you do.

I believe there is nothing wrong with having things, but in Luke chapter 12; Jesus talked about a landowner who spent all his time amassing wealth but ignored the things of God.

He was successful by many people's definition, but Jesus called him a fool.

Jesus explained that our goal in life should not be to get rich in the things of this world, but to be rich toward God.

We need to focus on becoming rich in the things that really matter.

We need to become rich in salvation, rich in faith, rich in hope, rich in love, and rich in relationships.

For the last 16 years, I have prayed every single night that my kids become rich.

Not rich in money or rich in accomplishments, but rich toward God. I want them to become rich in the same way that I want to become rich - rich in the things that really matter, in the things that truly measure success.