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Power Outage - April 20


This power outage is scheduled to support Contractor's work to remove/relocate power poles to make clearance for construction of new hospital access roadway off Zeamer Ave.


View flyer for affected buildings/services.



Motorcycle Season Info

Motorcycle riding season is just around the corner.  Your Unit Motorcycle Safety Representative/Unit Motorcycle Monitor should be your first point of contact. The 673d ABW Safety office will start accepting the 2018 Motorcycle Training Request Memos and issuing training vouchers now. Review the linked documents and follow instructions for submission. 

The riding of motorcycles on JBER is only authorized when road conditions are green.  Road condition determinations are made by installation leadership when roads are deemed safe based upon multiple factors.

Motorcycle Training Request Memo
Motorcycle Training Instruction Handout
Unit Motorcycle Safety Briefing
Commander's Letter on JBER Motorcycle safety Training and Riding


Revised procedures for Requesting Visitor Access to JBER


The 673d Communications Squadron and the 673d Security Forces Squadron have developed a Base Access Intelink website for use by all DoD CAC holders.

This site allows DoD CAC holders to access several commonly sought after base access forms and more importantly allows those users to sponsor visitors onto JBER from a CAC enabled computer.  DoD CAC holders may utilize the website to sponsor on up to nine US citizens, for up to 60 days, no more than 72 hours in advance of their arrival to JBER. 

The intent of the site is to streamline the process for getting visitors onto the installation for both operational and personal needs.  

You can review the quick step by step process that you will encounter when you access the site here.

Login with your CAC at the following site:


JBER Tax Center Opens January 29, 2018


FROM THE JBER TAX CENTER:  We are located on (JBER-R, Bldg 600, 3rd Floor) and will open on Mon, 29 Jan 18, with projected days/hours of Mon - Fri, 1230 - 1630 on a walk-in basis for service members/dependents (unfortunately this service will not be available to retirees).

Members do not have to come to the tax center to use  this free service if they do not want to. They can visit the Military One Source website (, create an account, and do their taxes from the comfort of their own home if they wish.  Military One Source also has tax professionals on standby seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST at 800-342-9647 to answer any question people may have while filing their taxes. If they use our computers or decide to do it at home, they will still have to register and create an account on Military One Source.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Military tax centers are becoming increasingly scarce as the services they provide are resource-intensive and in light of declining use and the widespread availability of free/low-cost resources for tax preparation for our military families.  This year, the tax centers previously operated by the Coast Guard in Kodiak, the Air Force at Eielson AFB and the Army at Fort Wainwright are no more.  For Tax Year 2015, JBER went from two tax centers to a single tax center in Building 600.  In an effort to not abruptly end this resource, the JBER Tax Center will offer a different model for Tax Year 2017:  computer kiosks will be available for active duty members and their dependents to prepare their own returns through the Military OneSource  website with the assistance of a tax volunteer on site.  The member will do their own taxes through the website, and a volunteer will be there to assist as needed.  Unfortunately, Military One Source does not provide this services for retirees.  The JBER Tax Center remains on the third floor of Building 600 with the Air Force Legal Assistance offices and adjacent to the USARAK/JA.


Wind Chill effects on Frostbite Risk


As we prepare for the holidays; keep in mind the upcoming cold days and months are going leave you more susceptible to cold weather injuries, including frostbite.  While enjoying the Alaskan adventure to its full potential through participating in winter outdoor activities you're going to be encountering wind chill, which can occur in a variety of activities (i.e. snow machining, fat-tire biking, etc.), regardless of how windy it is when you are standing still.  Wind chill is based on the rate of heat loss from exposed skin caused by the combined effects of cold temperatures with air moving across your skin. As this movement increases, the body is cooled at a faster rate causing the skin temperature to drop.  Any additional wind chill will greatly decrease the time until frostbite will occur, regardless of how windy it is outside.

Attached is information provided by Bioenvironmental Engineering, PA, and Wing Safety including estimated skin exposure times before frostbite occurs, based off of wind chill.  


This information is taken from AFI 48-151, Thermal Injury Prevention Program.  Your Thermal Injury Prevention Program (TIPP) Team.           


UBER / Lyft Base Policy


JBER's current policy is that any UBER or Lyft driver in possession of a DoD (Department of Defense) ID card may provide transportation services on the installation. DoD card holders must self-identify to the installation entry controller that they are operating their vehicle as an UBER driver and are not authorized to vouch for passengers utilizing Trusted Traveler privileges. Additionally, all passengers in the vehicle must be over the age of 16 and must be in possession of their DoD ID card or a JBER DBIDS card to access the installation. This does not prevent a DoD ID card holder from sponsoring an UBER or Lyft driver through the Visitor Control Center for pickup or drop off purposes. These passes will be limited to the duration of time for the sponsor's fare. The 673d Security Forces Squadron is currently coordinating with the UBER and Lyft corporations to allow access to their drivers who do not possess a DoD card. 



Check Point Pride Operations



Beginning on Monday 14 August 2017, Check Point Pride Operations will move to the Ft. Richardson Gate. Drivers entering the installation will need to be prepared to stop at the Ft. Richardson gate in order to have their ID card properly checked prior to entering the installation." Check Point Pride hours of operation will remain 0500-0900, Monday - Friday excluding holidays.






REAL I.D. Act Information



Renew your iSportsman permit


   If you plan to recreate on JBER in the new year...2017 iSportsman permits expired Dec. 31.

The iSportsman registration process is required for Everyone. Military, military retirees, DoD affiliated civilians, and the public choosing to recreate on JBER must obtain an iSportsman permit and then sign in/out using this iSportsman system prior to recreating, with the exception of MWR sponsored facilities.  Recreation on military lands is subject to availability and dependent on military security/training requirements. When signing into iSportsman, closed or restricted access areas will not show up as an option for recreational activities. Be aware that an installation pass is still required and that trespassing or permit violations may result in revocation of recreational privileges or more serious actions.

               JBER iSportsman program


Alaska Marine Highway System Travel Notice
Policies regarding use of the Alaska Marine Highway System for official PCS travel have changed.

1. Military members are waived from paying for tickets on the AMHS at the time of booking for official PCS travel only. For all non-official personal travel, members must pay for the AMHS tickets at the time they make their reservations.

2. To secure reservations for PCS related travel, members must call the AMHS Juneau Reservations Central Office at 1-800-642-0066.

3. AMHS will hold the reservation until 60 days prior to the scheduled travel. By this point, members must pay for the tickets or make other arrangements with AHMS or the reservation will be cancelled.

4. When making reservations military members will be required to provide name and phone number of their First Sergeant, Company Commander, Executive Officer, or other senior leader who can verify their military status and pending PCS assignment.

5. Should military members choose to utilize SATO to obtain travel
arrangements after receiving PCS orders they must provide SATO their unpaid AMHS itinerary number to avoid duplicative reservations.

For any questions please contact our JBER Travel Centers at:

(JBER-E) 552-1793, 552-1797 or (JBER-R) 384-1813, 384-1814.

Review the following link for more information.

Alaska Marine Highway System
How to report potholes on JBER:
View the Flyer
Arctic Warriors,

As we head into the winter months, I would like to re-emphasize the importance of signing up or updating your JBER AtHoc account.

AtHoc is a networked crisis communication platform that enables us to provide emergency and pertinent installation information through numerous devices.

Base personnel can update their information by using the AtHoc Interactive Warning System-Alerts self service module; right click on the purple globe icon at bottom of the screen and select "Access Self Service" and update accordingly.

For the daily user, with the exception of the desktop alerts, users will only be notified on their personal phone lines for actual emergency situations such as, but not limited to, severe weather events, evacuation
orders, specialized recalls and alerts.

Please see attached for more information and how-to guide. If you are experiencing issues or have any questions, then call 552-3000.

AtHoc Instructions
Quick Links
Staying Connected